1. Efficient cleaning,save time and cost.
  2. Make the glassware cleaner.
  3. Stackability
  4.    Snap-fit construction shortens assembly time,and stack with all racks nearly.
  5. Convenient Handling & Delivery
  6.    The handles on all four sides of the racks make sure of handling & delivery Comfortably and safely.
  7.    Testured surface and convenient Handles diminish the appearance of scratch when delivery.
  8. Reliable Connection
  9.    Snap-fit extenders will not loosen or rust over time like screws and will not come apart.
  10. Open Profile
  11.    Allows top-bottom and side-to side washing make the glassware cleaner.
  12.    Allows more qir to circulate through the Racks,makes the racks faster drying and safer storage.


Art.No JW-9
Overall Size 500×500×100(mm)
Comp Size 152×152×45(mm)
Material PP
Colour Beige