1. Easy to Assemble & Adjust
  2.    In a straight line along the body to build the structure, the architecture can be shared between a post to connect; in a 90-degree right-angle turn or U-shaped body the way to build planes, the planes between the angle connector can connect to. The bottom of the post assemble height-adjustable bolt and self-locking nut of the unique design. So it can provide sufficient stability when the products are in the uneven ground.Pre-processing well different heights of mounted hanging holes on the Aluminum post, and these holes are distributed evenly with 150mm spacing, thus we can adjust the height and space of each place without disassembling the unit. Each layer shelf can be installed with the post by hooks and hanging conveniently and freely sleeves. We just need a rubber hammer in the process of installation, so it’s very easy to install and adjust.
  3. Absolutely solid,durable and stable
  4.    Posts, traverses, crossarm, the weight bearing components, are made of aluminum, having high strength, light weight, corrosion resistance, durability, crashworthiness, heavy resistance characteristics. Other connections plug-in uses a unique process design structure, it can provide unique cross ingenious to ensure its stability ,nylon and fiberglass materials makes products with better mechanical strength ,heat resistance, abrasion resistance, weather resistance, When built in a straight line, two shelving units share a post, yet there is no loss of weight bearing capacity. Each shelf can bear 170 to 250 kg. Due to the weight bearing capacity of casters ,maximum weight bearing capacity of each mo9ving shelf is 110kg.
  5. Health and safety storage area
  6.    The product is designed for places emphasizing on health and safety.and mainly used for food catering industry,such as restaurants,raw deli,bakeries,or food vendors-large stores,central kitchens,food processing plants,butcher shops,etc.in addition,the shelf system can be also used for places which are no contact with food and strict hygiene standards,such as chemical storage rooms,hospitals and clinics,laboratories and clean rooms.Removable structure makes components removed or cleaned easily and quickly.The design of product compliance with NSF certification standards(Including castor).Shelf is made of HDPE,non-toxic and tasteless.)
  7. Never rust
  8.    After all aluminum components are extruded,then machin surface by sand base oxidation process(15um thickness of the oxide layer),achieve the purpose of anti-oxidation,anti-corrosion purpose.The product will not rust in wet areas,even the shelf will not corrode in salt water or marine air.So the most suitable places of aluminum shelving are large cold storage or freezing areas,able to with stand low temperature -38℃ or any wet environment.Shelf is made of high density polyethylene(HDPE),there is high cohesion and strong tensile force between molecules,it has excellent acid,alkali,salt performance,and it can prevent organic solvents to erosion;The excellent weather resistance makes products used in -38~80℃ temperature.


Basic Units
Width Length 950mm / 36″ 1085mm / 43″ 1265mm / 53″ 1355mm / 53″ 1535mm / 60″ 1805mm / 71″
360mm / 14″ ItemNo. JW-SL36141 JW-SL43141 JW-SL50141 JW-SL53141 JW-SL60141 JW-SL71141
450mm / 18″ ItemNo. JW-SL36181 JW-SL43181 JW-SL50181 JW-SL53181 JW-SL60181 JW-SL71181
540mm / 21″ ItemNo. JW-SL36211 JW-SL43211 JW-SL50211 JW-SL53211 JW-SL60211 JW-SL71211
630mm / 25″ ItemNo. JW-SL36251 JW-SL43251 JW-SL50251 JW-SL53251 JW-SL60251 JW-SL71251
Width Length 950mm / 36″ 1085mm / 43″ 1265mm / 53″ 1355mm / 53″ 1535mm / 60″ 1805mm / 71″
360mm / 14″ ItemNo. JW-SL36142 JW-SL43142 JW-SL50142 JW-SL53142 JW-SL60142 JW-SL71142
450mm / 18″ ItemNo. JW-SL36182 JW-SL43182 JW-SL50182 JW-SL53182 JW-SL60182 JW-SL71182
540mm / 21″ ItemNo. JW-SL36212 JW-SL43212 JW-SL50212 JW-SL53212 JW-SL60212 JW-SL71212
630mm / 25″ ItemNo. JW-SL36252 JW-SL43252 JW-SL50252 JW-SL53252 JW-SL60252 JW-SL71252
Width Length 950mm / 36″ 1085mm / 43″ 1265mm / 53″ 1355mm / 53″ 1535mm / 60″ 1805mm / 71″
360mm / 14″ ItemNo. JW-SL36143 JW-SL43143 JW-SL50143 JW-SL53143 JW-SL60143 JW-SL71143
450mm / 18″ ItemNo. JW-SL36183 JW-SL43183 JW-SL50183 JW-SL53183 JW-SL60183 JW-SL71183
540mm / 21″ ItemNo. JW-SL36213 JW-SL43213 JW-SL50213 JW-SL53213 JW-SL60213 JW-SL71213
630mm / 25″ ItemNo. JW-SL36253 JW-SL43253 JW-SL50253 JW-SL53253 JW-SL60253 JW-SL71253
Width Length 950mm / 36″ 1085mm / 43″ 1265mm / 53″ 1355mm / 53″ 1535mm / 60″ 1805mm / 71″
360mm / 14″ ItemNo. JW-SL36144 JW-SL43144 JW-SL50144 JW-SL53144 JW-SL60144 JW-SL71144
450mm / 18″ ItemNo. JW-SL36184 JW-SL43184 JW-SL50184 JW-SL53184 JW-SL60184 JW-SL71184
540mm / 21″ ItemNo. JW-SL36214 JW-SL43214 JW-SL50214 JW-SL53214 JW-SL60214 JW-SL71214
630mm / 25″ ItemNo. JW-SL36254 JW-SL43254 JW-SL50254 JW-SL53254 JW-SL60254 JW-SL71254
Shelf Kit
Width Length 950mm / 36″ 1085mm / 43″ 1265mm / 53″ 1355mm / 53″ 1535mm / 60″ 1805mm / 71″
360mm / 14″ ItemNo. JW-SL3614 JW-SL4314 JW-SL5014 JW-SL5314 JW-SL6014 JW-SL7114
450mm / 18″ ItemNo. JW-SL3618 JW-SL4318 JW-SL5018 JW-SL5318 JW-SL6018 JW-SL7118
540mm / 21″ ItemNo. JW-SL3621 JW-SL4321 JW-SL5021 JW-SL5321 JW-SL6021 JW-SL7121
630mm / 25″ ItemNo. JW-SL3625 JW-SL4325 JW-SL5025 JW-SL5325 JW-SL6025 JW-SL7125