1. Safe for storage,transportation and measuring food capacity.
  2. Scoops are available,if doesn′t touch the ingredient,storage easily.
  3. It allows for quick content identification because of the clear body and marks.
  4. Can Keep food fresh and good quality by using the tight clasp.
  5. 3″castors make the bin moving easily from kitchen to different working place.
  6. Material:PC,PP.
  7. Colour:White.
Item JW-S81 JW-S102
Name 81L Flour Cart 102L Flour Cart
Size :L×W×H(mm) 745×328×740mm 750×410×745mm
Capacity 72.7kg 89.4kg
Weight Capacity(sugar) 56.3kg 69.9kg
Weight Capacity(Flour) 56.3kg 69.9kg
Weight Capacity(Rice) 81kg 102kg