(Tiếng Việt)

  1. Food pans freshen better,diminish the waste.
  2. Super-tough,lightweight construction make no wedging,no deforming,no rusting or no breakage .Non-stick smooth interior cleans easily and quickly .Withstand temperatures from 40℃ to 90℃.


Specification Art.No Description Capacity
GN 1/1
530 ×325mm
P112 P 65mm 8.5L
P114 P 100mm 13.0L
P116 P 150mm 19.5L
P118 P 200mm 25.6L
P11DS P Drain Shelf 460×250×19mm
P11HC/P11HH/FC Lid w/handle/Notch/Flat 530×320mm
P11SL Seal Lid 530×328mm
GN 1/2
325 ×265mm
P122 P 65mm 3.9L
P124 P 100mm 5.9L
P126 P 150mm 8.9L
P128 P 200mm 11.7L
P12DS P Drain Shelf 256×196×15mm
P12HC/P12HH/FC Lid w/handle/Notch/Flat 265×325mm
P12SL Seal Lid 327×268mm
GN 1/3
325 ×176mm
P132 P 65mm 2.4L
P134 P 100mm 3.6L
P136 P 150mm 5.3L
P138 P 200mm 6.9L
P13DS P Drain Shelf 250×100×18.5mm
P13HC/P13HH/FC Lid w/handle/Notch/Flat 325×176mm
P13SL Seal Lid 327×179mm
GN 1/4
265 ×162mm
P142 P 65mm 1.7L
P144 P 100mm 2.5L
P146 P 150mm 3.7L
P14DS P Drain Shelf 210×108×15mm
P14HC/P14HH/FC Lid w/handle/Notch/Flat 265×162mm
P13SL Seal Lid 267×164mm
GN 1/6
176 ×162mm
P162 P 65mm 1.0L
P164 P 100mm 1.5L
P166 P 150mm 2.2L
P16DS P Drain Shelf 123×108×15mm
P16HC/P16HH/FC Lid w/handle/Notch/Flat 176×162mm
P16SL Seal Lid 178×165mm
GN 1/9
176 ×108mm
P192 P 65mm 0.57L
P194 P 100mm 0.85L
P19HC Lid w/handle 176×108mm
P19SL Seal Lid 179×111mm
P242 65mm 5.58L
P244 100mm 8.58L
P24HC Lid w/handle 530×162mm