1. ALL the plastic structure,not rusty,spalling,peeling,the depression.
  2. The sea;ed seal can protect small filled,ensure that waste storage safe.
  3. Strengthen the barrel,and products are more durable.
  4. Cooperate with ergonomic handle,fruity,feel comfortable.
  5. Double bottom surrounding edge,improve the stability and enhance drag ability.
  6. Material:PE
  7. Colour:Gray


Art.No Size Capacity Barrel lid
JW-CR38E Φ398mm×H434mm 37.9L JW-CRC1P(Φ451mm×28mm)
JW-CR76E Φ492mm×H584mm 75.7L JW-CRC2P(Φ546mm×40mm)
JW-CR120E Φ557mm×H693mm 121.1L JW-CRC3P(Φ618mm×38mm)
JW-CR170E Φ617mm×H794mm 166.5L JW-CRC4P(Φ686mm×48mm)
JW-CR210E Φ679mm×H840mm 208.2L JW-CRC5P(Φ753mm×49mm)
JW-RCD Φ460mm×H4164mm(With wheel)